Clan Surnames
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Macphail MacFeel McPhail
MacPhail MacFall McPhaill
MacPaill MackFall McPaul
MacPheal MacFell McFail
MacPail MacFaul McFaill
Macpheel MacFule McPhaul
Macphaile MacFoill McFaul
Macphale Macpawle McFall
Macpheall Macpaul Phail
Macphayll MacPhall Paul
Macphaul MacFauld Fall
McPhell MacVale Fail
MacFail MacVail Fell
Polson Vicphail Niphail

All of the above can be spelt Mac, Mack, Mc, M', with MAC being the original spelling. The rest are abbreviations or deviations of that spelling. VIC or Vyk means "grandson of". Ni or Nick means "daughter or grand-daughter". The original Gaelic spelling should be MacPhail "the son of Paul".

It was quite common and still is, to find an individual's name spelt in numerous ways throughout their life, owing to other peoples ignorance or the owners lack of education, and the people simply wrote the name how it sounded.