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Gaelic Name
Inbhir Nis

Inverness, the opening (inbhir) of the Ness, is the largest town in the north of Scotland and the administrative centre for the Highlands and Islands. Standing at the northwestern extremity of the Great Glen, the natural rift through the Highlands that has provided a path for commerce and travel since man first came to Scotland.

Columba came through the Great Glen to the capital of the heathen Picts to convert their king (Bridei 555-84ad) to Christianity. Defence has played a prominent part in the city's history, it has played a part in most all of the troubles of the north. In the nineteenth century the Caledonian Canal made it possible to travel and trade by water. The railway to Edinburgh in the south and Kyle (for Skye) to the west made Inverness the 'Capital of the Highlands'.

The Castle and most of the town was re-built in the nineteenth century, it has a fine museum and is the home of ( The Northern Meeting ), one of the oldest and most important of piping competitions.